The Slow Readers Club

This Indie/Electro quartet, fresh out of the Manchester music scene, could be confused with a mix of The Doves, Editors and The Pigeon detectives. Their punchy single Feet on Fire will surely be a crowd favourite, its rhythm and lyrics will fill any venue and give a crowd the chance to get moving.

Already growing a huge following, and with a cheeky inclusion on Sky sports ‘Soccer AM’ under their belt, these guys are definitely ones to watch. The band are no strangers to success and include three former members of Omerta who released three critically acclaimed and collectable singles and whose XFM live session earned them a top five place in the sessions of the year.

Their debut album goes on sale on the 21st of May and is available from ITunes, Amazon, Spotify and Grooveshark. It can also be downloaded straight from the bands website

Tracks to look out for are Feet on Fire and Block out the sun. MetMusic are sure you will be seeing more of this band in the not too distant future.

Live Dates:

Sunday May 20th – Manchester Rugby 7s festival

Thursday May 24th –   SOFARSOUNDS PRESENTS THE SLOW READERS CLUB (ACOUSTIC) –  Albany Road, Chorlton

Friday 10th August- Mutineers + The Slow Readers Club + Amida – Manchester Academy 3


Bloc party to release new album in 2012…

Kele Okereke has confirmed that the follow up to ‘Intimacy’ will be out in 2012. Okereke has confirmed that Bloc Party will release a new album later this year.

Speaking to Zane Lowe on Radio 1, the frontman said that a follow up to their third album, 2008’s ‘Intimacy’, will be out at some point in 2012. The band have been working on their fourth album in New York.

Last year Kele courted controversy by claiming that while he was busy with his solo career, the remaining members of Bloc Party would be auditioning new singers to allow them to continue playing together. Bloc Party soon backtracked on the admission, which had been made to NME.

As management officially denied there was anything going on, the band distanced themselves from the claims. It was then suggested that the four members had been in cahoots to whip up publicity for the band and ‘get one over’ on the media.

The band who have released anthems such as helicopter, The prayer and Flux to name but a few will hope that the new album brings as much success as they have achieved before.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… Kurtis Reid

Remember the name, because MetMusic are sure that you’ll be seeing it on a billboard in the not too distant future. The 21 year old singer songwriter, a music student at Leeds Metropolitan University, has big ambitions for a career in the music industry. He states his role models as Adele, Stevie wonder and James Morrison which is no surprise as his powerful vocals could be likened to those of his peers.

Reid recently launched his first album, ‘returning to base’  at the Well in Leeds city centre and can often be found at open mic nights around the city. Never far from his supporting band, he has surrounded himself with exciting young musicians who are masters of their chosen instruments. Josh Appleby, 21 plays lead guitar and compliments the lead singers powerful vocals with electrifying solos , whilst Simon Benfer, 22 keeps a rhythm that brings the whole set together. Adam Greenhead and Ben Bowers are the heartbeat of the band on the base and drums respectively.

Although there are no plans for any upcoming gigs over the summer, we hope to be seeing them back on the stage again at some point during 2011. With ‘returning to base’   released on 23/05/2011 their return will be eagerly anticipated by what is sure to be a growing fan base. Metmusic are certainly huge fans and cant wit to hear more from Kurtis and the band.

You heard the name here first!!

You can download the album ‘returning to base’ for a small fee from

Justice “Civilization” review…

Another thumper of a track from Justice, filled with their trademark layers of heavy synth and funky riffs, although this time the vocal gives the track that extra element which will no doubt help to keep it in your head, especially the chorus.
It’s one of those dance tracks that sounds good when you hear it at home or on the radio, but completely outdoes itself on a club sound system, sounding as crisp and full as pretty much any of their other releases.
The track has already been doing the rounds online and has faired pretty well, currently residing at number 5 on the Beatport ‘Indie dance/Nu Disco’ chart.

Mr Scruff single review…

Mr Scruff is back with another interesting creation in ‘Wobble Control’.

Sure to be a favourite at indie dance nights across the country, the track is appropriately titled considering the wobbling basslines and synths the whole way through.
It’s certainly one thing that Mr Scruff can be relied on, and that’s always producing something to fill a dance floor, or at least keep it filled.
The self-made track is up to this usual high standard, and although it might be forgotten in slightly more of a hurry than all time classic ‘get a move on’, it’s still well worth a listen.

Elbow Single Review

Elbow – Neat Little Rows Single Review

The enormous success of their 2008 classic “Seldom Scene Kid” must have placed a vast amount of pressure on British rockers Elbow, and maybe that is the reason its taken over 2 years to hear anything else from them.

Their recent single “Neat Little Rows” however, shows they are back, and as raw as ever, with this track giving off “Lets get down and down and dirty vibe” similar to the lead 2008 single ‘Grounds for Divorce’.

Its obvious there’s something sinister happening in front-man Guy Garvey’s mind, and its trying to get out. One of the exceptional high points of the new track is the banging, ballsy piano seen throughout the single’s chorus, which is a complete, yet interesting contrast to the previously mentioned demented and dark lyrics exploding quite beautifully out of Garvey’s mouth.

Buy this on iTunes and it will be the best 99p you’ve spent in a long time.

Finally… Bon Iver!

Bon Iver has announced the release of a long awaited second album. The album which will be self titled, is Bon Ivers (Aka Justin Vernon) first release since his deut  For Emma that became a cult sensation in 2008. Bon Iver has worked with Kanye west on two tracks for his recent album My Dark Beautiful Twisted Fantasy and fans have been waiting with great anticipation for him to release some new material.

The album that will be released in the States on June the 21st and the name of each track on the album is name after or represents a place. Frontman Justin Vernon has said of album closer Beth/Rest  is his favourite on the LP “Its definatley the part where you pick up your joint and re-light it”

below is a video of Skinny love, one of Bon Ivers’ most well known tracks

Morain- Animals Single Review

Okay, so I know it isn’t actually out yet, but this song needs a mention because it really is absolutely fantastic and, bonus; Morain are based in our very own Leeds.

‘Animals’ is to be the debut single from Morain released on Brightblack Records. It’s catchy from the off with excellently thought out, often cheeky at times, with exciting little guitar parts all over the shop.

Wil Frost provides powerfully gritty vocals laid-down with an addictive singing pattern. I can guarantee that after a single listen to the chorus, you will be singing along to it every time, and it’s going to be in your head all day.

The video for the song is also definitely worth a watch, it works so well alongside the track. Morain play in the area all the time so be sure to check them out. Google these boys now!

Foals – Blue Blood Single Review

“Blue Blood” is the latest single from Oxford based alternative outfit Foals.

Taken from their Mercury Prize nominated, second album “Total Life Forever”, “Blue Blood” is set to storm the alternative charts.

A slow, mellow, and yet beautiful beginning captivates with its depth and sensuality, it then bursts into an energetic and complex mash up of  dancing bass lines, sketchy guitar riffs, tight drum beats and reverberating vocal melodies.

The chorus is equally as complex as the verse and the vocals if anything, become more haunting as the track continues, with front man Yannis Philippakis’ writing ability taking the track to a completely different intellectual level.

As a whole it is nothing short of spectacular, compiled of everything an alternative indie track needs, unusual and spontaneous, it towers above anything else  in the charts, which could be said about any song on the album from which it is taken, not to say that “Blue Blood” is not a highlight, more that every song on the album has a depth and integrity that is not seen in any other mainstream tracks at the moment.

“Blue Blood” and “Total Life Forever” are definitely both worthy investments.