Incubus release ‘Adolescents’ video

For a lot of fans, it has been too long between albums for Incubus.

So the release of their 6th studio album ‘If Not Now, When?’ on July the 11th looks set to get a warm reception.

The first release from the album, ‘Adolescents’ is a showcase of the bands rock roots, and is sure to delight the fans that have been there since the beginning.

Deeper into the album the bands music begins to take on a more psychedelic and inovative sound, challenging what we had come to expect from the band.

The album is available with a limited edition pre-order 12′ Vinyl, and people who buy the album will also get a free MP3 download of the album on release.


Mark Wahlberg to make Bieber film.

The Hollywood actor-and-producer Mark Wahlberg has leaked that he will be working on a film with teen-pop sensation Justin Beiber.

He was reluctant to give much information about the project, but in an interview with New York Magazine he confirmed that the two were working togeher and that “there won’t be any singing”.

Weather this marks a serious attempt at acting from Beiber, or just a brief foray into the world of acting remains to be seen. But with Beibers chart-topping star power and Whalbergs hollywood expertise, its probably going to make millions.

Coldplay fans are the least likely to put out on the first date.

The Online dating site has recently conducted a survey of the dating preferences of their users, and has compared their answers with their musical tastes.

Tastebuds asked over 400 of its users how far they would go on the first date, with the answers ranging from “I’d only meet up for a chat”, all the way to “I’d go all the way if the mood was right”.

As you can see from their results below, (and the tactful title) Coldplay fans are the least likely to ‘put out’ on a first encounter. Whilst those who prefer Nirvana are  hopping into bed with one another without a care in the world.

It also seems that fans of louder music, such as Metalica, Linking Park and the bassey beats of Mr. West are the ones that want to get lucky the first time round. Fans of the softer stuff seem to prefer to wait a little longer.

Why might this be? I have absolutley no idea, there may be no correlation at all, but it certainly is interesting, and I hope Tastebuds continues to collate its data in these very interesting ways.

U2 to release ‘Sci-Fi’ album.

U2 are among the biggest bands in the world, but their new album is rumoured to be taking them out into space.

the Irish popstars are currently working with RedOne, who most recently produced Lady Gaga’s album. The result is ‘a spacey, electronic sound’.

RedOne was quoted on as saying “Bono described the music as Sci-Fi or something… that’s how he described it”.

Despite RedOne working mostly with synthesisers in the past, the majority on the U2 material will be guitars. He added to “I’m a guitar player, so it was just me Bono and Edge playing guitar, exchanging melodies.”

The songs are most likely to appear on a new ‘club’ album the band are creating alongside their separate new rock album ‘Songs of Ascent’.

Angels and Airways album and movie confirmed in November.

Tom DeLonge, Blink 182 guitarist/singer, will be releasing his ‘new’ bands album and film in November.

The album ‘Love II’, will be released alongside a film ‘Love’. Both are to be released on November 11th.

The band have apparently been filming the movie for the majority of their career, a strange and possibly presumptuous move for the San Diego foursome.

Their last Album, also titled ‘Love’ was released last year to a lukewarm reception.