Meat Puppets Album Review

Their 13th studio album, Meat Puppets are back with ‘Lollipop’. You would imagine the Meat Puppets would be hoping for a slightly less turbulent decade after break ups in the 90s and the 00s. But you can tell by the sound of lead singer Curt Kirkwood that the bands hectic past exploits, riddled with drugs abuse and prison sentences, are behind them.
The vocals are surprisingly clean, which is particularly evident in the likes of ‘Incomplete’ in which they sound like a completely different band.
One thing that is noticeable about this album is that the years of partying to the limit has probably caught up with them a bit. But while ‘Lollipop’ shows a band that has mellowed thoroughly from their initial psychedelic punk days, tracks like ‘Shave It’ have a jovial energy that show they have still got a lot to offer.


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