Kings of Leon Album Review

Gone it seems are the days of cool raw releases by the Kings of Leon with the release of ‘Come around Sundown’. The band have fallen victim of ‘big band disease’, with the release of something designed purely for stadiums and the occasional play on the radio.

The trouble with that is, though, is that it is not meant to be that. It is supposed to be something for fans to revere and listen to over and over until the songs make them want to tear their own hair out, as happened with tracks like ‘Sex on Fire’, which makes at its peak became bloody tough to listen to.
Every song is a bit epic and triumphant, as if the band have decided that is all that is worthy of their time now. It is a fair shift from the early days of ‘Red Morning Light’ and ‘Charmer’, the type of songs that fill you with excitement when they come on at a bar or on the radio.
The tracks on this latest release won’t do that I’m afraid.
In fairness, the album is ok, but it is in no way, shape, or form anything more than that. ‘Back Down South’ is admittedly a great track and stands out a long with maybe ‘Pony Up’. Album by album the songs have become slower and slower, and certainly more into the pop category.
Lead singer Caleb Followill told Spin Magazine: “We definitely don’t sound as raw as we did early on. But that’s just because it’s hard to teach yourself to be a bad guitar player again. A lot of that raw energy came from — we were playing as good as we could, and now our good is a little better than that.”
So it is clear that the Kings of Leon have sadly moved on from their early sound, which is a shame, but they wouldn’t be a massive band if they didn’t have a crowd of cynics watching their every move


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