Beastie Boys album review…

Fair play to the Beastie Boys, their new album ‘Hot Sauce Committee Part Two’, shows literally no regard for trying to fit in with the contemporary hip hop sound. And it’s all the better for it!

The album could easily be something they put together in the late 80s/ early 90s and forgot about. The old school hip hop beat behind them, rapped over in familiar word by word rhythm, with all of them joining in the last few words of certain rhymes.

Bursting to life with ‘Make some noise’, the beats and nostalgic sound of record scratching are vintage Beastie Boys. And that’s exactly what the album is; the Beastie Boys doing exactly what they do best.

The decision to do things their tried and tested way is paradoxically quite refreshing, and they even have Nas getting in on the act on ‘too many rappers’, along with a collaboration with ‘Santigold’ on ‘Don’t play no game that I can’t win’.

Throughout listening there is certainly the desire to throw on the sneakers and rock out some break dancing, and for that the Beastie Boys get big thumbs up.


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