Richard Parker EP Out Now!

Richard Parker

Leeds based, instrumental provocateurs Richard Parker are unknown to most, but I assure you, with the release of their debut EP “Richard Parker”, they are set for big things in 2011.

Following in the footsteps of alternative outfits Explosions in the Sky and Mogwai they need no vocals to create intelligent and elegant music, with guitarists Mike Miller and Ben Budd unveiling tantalisingly intellectual, and musically impressive riffs, working together in perfect unison.

Bass player Andy Bayley and drummer Dave Barnes bring the power to the outfit, with thick running bass lines, explosive beats and perfectly timed percussion, they fill the ears with a wall of sound, as the guitars simply flit in and out of the ears, intriguing the mind as they pass.

Debut EP “Richard Parker” including tracks “Mechanisms”, “Second Hand”, and “Tempus” is set for release soon, visit for details.


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