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Noah and the Whale

Gig Review

Once again the Brudenell are hosting a band currently raging through the charts, with the ability to easily sell out a venue of this size, making this gig something special, as this could be the last time any one sees Noah & the Whale is such a intimate setting.

The place is packed to the rafters and full of energy. The excitement kicks in with the first notes of an orchestral version of the Queen classic “Bohemian Rhapsody”, leading to every man, woman and child singing their heart out, with an almost national pride, quite fitting for a Queen song.
Front man Charlie Fink an co. waltz on to the stage, all wearing 3 piece suits and big smiles across their faces, the young girls in the front row almost explode with excitement, and then proceed to swoon at the mere though of the set to come. Opening with “Blue Skies” and the “Tonight’s the Kind Of Night”, they immediately knock any critics off their feet, proving that these Twickenham boys are not just one hits wonders.
Frequently removing his suit coat and slowly rolling up his sleeves due to the intense heat caused by so many screaming fans in such a small building, the young ladies are delighted at the thought of such intimacy.

Backing vocalist and violinist Fred Abbott quietly rotates between instruments with ease, proving how incredibly musically talented the band are as a whole.

“Waiting for my Chance to Come” and “First Days of Spring” erupt before the set comes to a close.

Chants and screams fill the room, all for the chance just to hear one more song.

Secretly, every one knows they will come back to the stage, and every one knew exactly what songs they were going to play to bring this house down.

As expected, the southern quintet return to the stage and lead us through chart hits and sing along anthems “LIFEGOESON” and “5 Years Time” before they finally make their exit.

The doors bust open and the crowds flood out, teenage girls giggle to each other and discuss the bands outfits, everyone who was there despite the looks of the band themselves left impressed, and even I wasn’t expected their sound to be as fresh as it was.


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