Funeral Party Album Review

Funeral Party – Golden Age of Knowhere

“It’s all been done before, and it’ll all be done again” claims Funeral Party  front man Chad Eliot, as he attempts to bat of comparisons to the Rapture, another dance punk band from the heart of New York, a band that have been around a lot longer that Funeral Party believe me.

There fast paced music, and “hit everything at once really fast and really hard” approach them has given them quite a reputation for sweating, swirling live shows, something which comes across excellently in the album.

It’s a great listen, with new, vibrant and exciting beats, but unfortunately it gets tiresome by the end; you can only dance as hard and fast as the guys in Funeral Party for so long.

That point aside, it’s a seriously good debut attempt at bringingNew Yorkpunk over to the UK, kudos to Funeral Party.


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