Elbow Single Review

Elbow – Neat Little Rows Single Review

The enormous success of their 2008 classic “Seldom Scene Kid” must have placed a vast amount of pressure on British rockers Elbow, and maybe that is the reason its taken over 2 years to hear anything else from them.

Their recent single “Neat Little Rows” however, shows they are back, and as raw as ever, with this track giving off “Lets get down and down and dirty vibe” similar to the lead 2008 single ‘Grounds for Divorce’.

Its obvious there’s something sinister happening in front-man Guy Garvey’s mind, and its trying to get out. One of the exceptional high points of the new track is the banging, ballsy piano seen throughout the single’s chorus, which is a complete, yet interesting contrast to the previously mentioned demented and dark lyrics exploding quite beautifully out of Garvey’s mouth.

Buy this on iTunes and it will be the best 99p you’ve spent in a long time.


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