Most expensive shots in the north…

Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders is counting the cost of his lack of knowledge of vintage booze, after he lost out on vintage bottle of rum that turned out to be worth nearly £40,000.

The drummer owns the Bowery Bar in Sheffield and workers there bought a bottle of rare, 215 year-old Henry Jefferson of Whitehaven rum for around £70 last week. They only decided to send it for further testing after they’d sampled a few shots,only then was the true value of the booze revealed to them, reported The Sun.

A source said: “Bar staff were mortified when they found out what they had done. Later on that night everyone was talking about it including Matt, Alex [Turner] and [ex-bandmate] Andy Nicholson. Everyone was shocked but found it pretty funny – except the manager who runs the pub for Matt.”

A message about the rum has also been posted on the bar‘s Facebook page, It reads: “So it’s now on YouTube and we’re doing a lot of research, all the industry experts seem to agree that we’ve opened a bottle of booze potentially worth about 40 grand…Fuck.”


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