Foo fighters end Adeles’ record run with their new release ‘Wasting light’

After a record 11 weeks at the top of the album chart, Adele’s album ‘21’ was finally knocked off the top by hard hitting rockers The Foo Fighters and their new album ‘Wasting Light’. Adele now occupies second and third sport in the chart with her first album ‘19’ sitting behind ‘21’ in third place.

The Foo Fighters, who recorded their new album in lead singers Dave Grohl’s garage where thrilled that their album went straight to number one. However, some may find it hard to believe but the front man confessed that the new album was influenced by 70s Swedish pop group ABBA.  He told NME…

“I like loads of crazy-ass, dissonant, distorted rock ‘n’ roll, But I also love, bands whose pop choruses get bigger and bigger. I love anthemic choruses, that overwhelming feeling of release that you can connect with. He added: “So whenever I thought I had a big enough chorus for a song, I would use that as the pre-chorus and then I would try and write something even bigger, like they did.”

Whatever he did it seems to have worked, with the album shooting straight to number one. Tracks like Rope and A matter of time will surely rock the stadiums that the Foo Fighters have come accustomed to. Fans can look forward to their upcoming tour and get ready to rock!!!


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