Coldplay fans are the least likely to put out on the first date.

The Online dating site has recently conducted a survey of the dating preferences of their users, and has compared their answers with their musical tastes.

Tastebuds asked over 400 of its users how far they would go on the first date, with the answers ranging from “I’d only meet up for a chat”, all the way to “I’d go all the way if the mood was right”.

As you can see from their results below, (and the tactful title) Coldplay fans are the least likely to ‘put out’ on a first encounter. Whilst those who prefer Nirvana are  hopping into bed with one another without a care in the world.

It also seems that fans of louder music, such as Metalica, Linking Park and the bassey beats of Mr. West are the ones that want to get lucky the first time round. Fans of the softer stuff seem to prefer to wait a little longer.

Why might this be? I have absolutley no idea, there may be no correlation at all, but it certainly is interesting, and I hope Tastebuds continues to collate its data in these very interesting ways.


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