U2 to release ‘Sci-Fi’ album.

U2 are among the biggest bands in the world, but their new album is rumoured to be taking them out into space.

the Irish popstars are currently working with RedOne, who most recently produced Lady Gaga’s album. The result is ‘a spacey, electronic sound’.

RedOne was quoted on Musicnews.com as saying “Bono described the music as Sci-Fi or something… that’s how he described it”.

Despite RedOne working mostly with synthesisers in the past, the majority on the U2 material will be guitars. He added to bilboard.com “I’m a guitar player, so it was just me Bono and Edge playing guitar, exchanging melodies.”

The songs are most likely to appear on a new ‘club’ album the band are creating alongside their separate new rock album ‘Songs of Ascent’.


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