Mogwai – Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will Album Review

Scottish post-rockers Mogwai released their new album ‘Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will’ last week. True to form the title is as crazy as ever, but for me, it still hasn’t beaten previous album title ‘Kicking a Dead Pig’.

The general consensus among Mogwai fans tends to be ‘I love all their music, but Mr. Beast was the best work’. With this in mind, how does this new release shape up?

You are eased in with some beautifully melodic songs including a new personal favourite for me ‘Letters to the Metro’. Things then change with ‘George Square Thatcher Death Party’ everything gets a little more gritty, something that I for one am please about. Mogwai know how to keep it fresh. In the song, we hear some of the old familiar messed up vocals. I’d also like to say that I believe the song title to be the greatest of all time!

This album is definitely no let down. It has the same genius we have seen in all of Mogwai’s albums. The big question though. Is this album as good as Mr. Beast? It’s possible, but you will need to ask me when I have listened to it as much as that beastly masterpiece.

Listen to ‘How to be a Wearwolf’ – It has all the hallmarks of a Mogwai classic.


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